Here you have three options :

  1. You can consult the list of people who offered to beta
  2. You can propose yourself as a beta
  3. You can remove yourself from the beta list or correct your entry
  4. Link page comming next


I am now up to date. *This* is good news.

Don't forget to respect your future beta. Always ask before sending your fic and please respect that they can refuse to beta something that squick them. Be kind enough to ask what is the format they prefer. They do not have to do it, they just are kind enough to do it.

If you offer your service, please put all the things that you don't want to see in the appropriates places of the forms. Please think carefully before clicking send, because every change will have to be made manually by me.

If you wish for more beta, you can look at this page :

You can promote my site, so people will use the list to find a beta or propose their service. You simply link to this page from your site. If you want to use a banner, use this image :